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Продати окрема будівля: 50 м2
Продати квартира під офіс: 74 м2, $85000
Здати склад: 36 м2, $63
Здати ресторан: 140 м2, $4500
Здати офіс: 189 м2, $25/м2
Здати офіс: 189 м2, $25/м2
Продати підвал: 167 м2, $60000
Продати підвал: 167 м2, $45000
Продати підвал: 167 м2, $53000
Здати аптека: 53 м2, $1000
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Reports of the Week

Baltic States: the rate of decline in housing prices has slowed in Lithuania, Latvian residential property appreciates. Dubai: the crisis is not over yet. Bulgaria: local parliament has approved a law that bans buying property for cash.

Upon the results of 2009, apartment prices in major cities of Austria have increased by
6-8%, while one-family homes have appreciated by 4%. Experts explain the growth of national housing prices by the stability of local mortgage market amid the global economic downturn, which thoroughly "filters out" borrowers.

Following the results of 2009, Irish home prices have plummeted by 18.5%. The average price of a residential property unit in the country has dropped to € 213,183, as of December

In Q4, average residential property prices in Latvia have gained 7.4%, compared to the preceding quarter; up to €494 per a sq. m. Prices have been growing particularly active during November-December 2009.

The rate of decline in Lithuanian housing prices has started to slow down. In Q4, the cost of housing in nation's first-tier cities has climbed down by 4%, compared with the preceding quarter. In, Q1, Q2 and Q3 2009, the rate of decline has been working out 11%,
9% and 6%, respectively. If such dynamics would prevail, supposedly, prices would stop decreasing by mid-2010, which will be followed either by stagnation or recovery.

Over Q4 the cost of apartments in Denmark has increased by 1.3%, compared with the preceding quarter, while the prices for one-family homes has climbed up by 0.2%. The sharpest increase in apartment prices has been registered in Copenhagen, while homes have appreciated the most on the island of Bornholm.

Within the last six months, Indian home prices have soared by 30%. This has mainly occurred in the most prestigious districts of India's major cities due to the limited volume of supply. However, the future development of the situation the housing market will depend on the stock markets.

In December, the cost of housing on Dutch secondary market has decreased by 5.3%, year-on-year. In comparison to November 2009, the decrease works out 0.4%.

The number of transactions with Spanish residential property has increased by 5.3%, November-to-October. It seem like the buyers have finally realized that the downturn on local property market will not last forever, and have decided to buy before the prices increase once again.

Specialists of the Nomura Holdings Inc. analytical company predict that housing prices Dubai could decrease even further over 2010 (upon the results of 2009 prices have plunged by almost a half). That said, in comparison to 2009, prices in the UAE capital - Abu Dhabi - are not expected to change over 2010.

Bulgarian parliament has approved a new law, which implies the introduction of a deposit- system designated for settling real estate transactions, in first reading. According to a

new scheme, a buyer should transfer payment for the purchased property to his/hers account in the State Bank, which would be specifically created for this purpose. After a certain period of time, required for the transaction to be closed, the seller would be able to withdraw these funds from the account.

In mid-January, new rules on taxation of property transactions have come into effect in Israel. Currently the tax on residential property purchase is not implied if the property costs less than 1.085 million shekels (€205.3 thousand). Previously, the transaction was charged when property value exceeded 1.027 million shekels (€194.3 thousand).

One of the "hottest" spots of the world, Bagdad, spends tremendous amount of money on housing projects. Within 10 years, the government of Iraqi capital is willing to allocate
$30 billion for this purpose. Moreover, they are trying to lure those foreign investors, who love the "hot sauce" in the country with these projects.

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