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Продати магазин: 25 м2, $34900
Здати офіс: 58 м2, $1000
Продати окрема споруда: 525 м2, $1300000
Здати окрема будівля: 525 м2, $5000
Продати магазин: 42 м2, $548000
Здати офіс: 100 м2, $925
Продати ресторан: 75 м2, $150000
Здати магазин: 170 м2, $3500
Здати офіс: 105 м2, $1557
Здати магазин: 105 м2, $960
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Rating of foreign property

Rating: Russians are vividly interested in Montenegrin and Latvian properties. UK: property prices are on the rise. Shanghai: new housing sales have soared by

Rating of foreign property: as of March, Bulgaria still occupies the first line in the ranking of property markets most popular among Russians, which is compiled by the Prian. ru portal. The TOP-5 includes Germany, Spain, USA and Finland. A surge of interest in Montenegro and Latvia may be noted. In the first case the growth is due to an approaching summer season, while in case of Latvia - the interest rises against the background of news on visa privileges for foreign property buyers.

UK: home prices continue to rise. According to the statistics provided by the country's largest building society, Nationwide, the average housing prices have increased by 0.7%, March to February. In annual terms, the growth has amounted to 9%.

Croatia: over the period from February to March home prices throughout the country have decreased slightly, averagely falling by 0.7%. In yearly comparisons, the indicator has declined by 4.4%.

Latvia: typical apartments continue to rise in price. The cost of Latvian flats has gained another 2% in March. Over the past seven months, apartment prices in Riga have soared by 12.4%. Such trends prevail due to a lack of supply in the most popular market segments.

Estonia: over the period from January to March, national apartment prices have climbed up by 0.2%. Prices have increased by 0.4% and 2.8% in Tallinn and Pärnu, respectively, while remaining intact in Tartu.

Norway: According to the latest statistics, the value of Norwegian private houses has increased by 0.3% over Q4 2009, compared to the preceding quarter. In comparison with the similar period of 2008, home prices have climbed up by 1%.

Australia: residential property prices continue to rise. During February, they have increased by another 1.4%, while soaring by 12.7% over the last 12 months. However, the number of transactions with residential property has declined by 5.2%, February to January. The decline in sales, which came after the January increase, has surprised analysts.

China: the total floor area of new housing sold over March in the China's largest city of Shanghai has soared by 150%, compared to the preceding month. The figure has been continuously declining during the two preceding months, this decrease, is however reasoned by seasonal factors. That said, prices in this segment have remained fairly stable: the limits of their fluctuations in January-February did not exceed 1.5%.

Austria: 9% more properties were sold over the first two months of 2010, than over the same period last year. About a quarter of all transactions were inked in Vienna.

Sweden: over Q1, the volume of investments in local property has increased by 55%, year-on-year. Analysts predict a further growth of investment activity.

Italy: The Italian Land Department has published statistics on the number of property transactions registered over 2009. In yearly comparisons the figure has plunged by 11.3%. The downturn has been less significant in the segment of housing. Local property prices remain stably high.

In contrast to many European property markets which still face a decline of main indicators; their Brazilian "brother" is pretty self-confident. This is reflected in the intention to erect grandiose buildings. These include a project of a 100-meter-high skyscraper, with an artificial waterfall pouring from its roof. The cost and construction time are not specified - the only thing known is that it is planned to be constructed in Rio de Janeiro by the 2016

Andrey Velichko

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